Commodity Levy

The Commodity Levies (Strawberries) Order 2020 came into force on April 1st 2020. Plant sales for the forthcoming season will therefore be levied. 

The levy rate was set at $26 per 1000 plants, at the Strawberry Growers NZ (SGNZ) AGM in July 2021.   This will be pro-rated to the total number of plants sold each levy year.

The levy is collected by plant producers on the invoicing of strawberry plants to a commercial grower, or on plants grown in producers' own commercial operations, and will be transferred to SGNZ. 

Levies are payable when plant producers sell strawberry plants to a grower, or for growers who propagate strawberry plants for their own use, on the date the grower plants them in commercial beds.  The latest day for payment of levies from the preceding 12 months is 31 October.

Levy money collected will be spent on industry good activities including:

  • biosecurity
  • research and development
  • food safety
  • export market access and intelligence
  • strawberry plant evaluation
  • industry representation
  • management and administration of SGNZ.

A copy of the levy order can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


Further information and details about the proposal made when consulting for the levy in 2019 is available in this document: “The case for a strawberry commodity levy” (download it here).

If you have questions please contact us or a member of the SGNZ Executive Board.