Recent and Current Projects

Recent Projects:  

Project Programme Lead
 New variety development  Geoff Langford
 Methyl bromide alternatives  Ian Horner
 Food safety and point of sale quality  Monika Walter/Anne Marie  Arts/Max Cicicione 
 Tech Transfer/Approved sprays  Geoff Langford
 Nutrition/Flavour  Monika Walter/Delyse Campbell
 Pesticide development and testing  Monika Walter/Paul Munro
 Rot management  Monika Walter
 Integrated Pest Management  Allan Clarke/Paul Brookbanks/John Thompson/Peter McIntyre
Root disease survey  Bronwyn Braithwaite
Cyclamen mite  Rob Silberbauer
High health Plant Scheme  Geoff Langford
Thrips management  Mette Nielsen