Grower resources

SGNZ have developed resources specifically for New Zealand strawberry growers including the following.

  • Support guide to NZGAP for strawberry growers

SGNZ engaged The AgriChain Centre in 2017 to prepare support manual for strawberry growers to utilise in working through the requirements to meet NZGAP certification.  

The manual is to assist growers in making sure that you have sufficient information in documentation and processes to meet NZGAP requirements.

A supporting document requirements form for each section details all relevant information as references. A checklist for each section lists all documents required for this area.

In each supporting document requirements form, “Information to assist” is to give you an idea of what exactly is required and in some instances the reasoning as to why they are asking the question. If the “information to assist” states it is a recommendation, then you do not have to meet the criteria – it is a recommendation.

Some documents will require modification to meet your specific business requirements, the more detail you include in completing the checklist the easier it will be to fit the document to your own situation.

Please note this does not replace the NZGAP material provided. Rather it is intended to assist you in becoming NZGAP accredited readily.

The NZGAP support manual can be downloaded with member login. 

  •  Food Safety, Quality and Cool Chain Management

A report on a project conducted in 2011 with the objectives of:

  • Understand any food safety risks associated with how strawberries are grown and handled in New Zealand.
  • Understand the cool chain management of strawberries in New Zealand and where improvements could be made.
  • Provide the information in a manner that allows growers to use the findings within their existing Quality Assurance and Food Safety programmes.

Download the report with member access.