In 2020 a refresh was undertaken of the SGNZ strategic plan.


A one-page overview of the strategy can be downloaded here

There are five core strategies that are essential to the performance of the industry:

  • Plant Protection
  • Biosecurity
  • Food Safety
  • Plant Evaluation
  • Labour Policy

There are two growth strategies required to invigorate the industry:

  • Quality
  • Promotion & Export

There are two enablement strategies to continue the process of building a robust foundation for the New Zealand strawberry industry:

  • Governance: meet high standards of accountability under the levy, manage the industry body restructure, and review the ward system.
  • Capability & Resources: maintain subcommittees, keep a register of exporters and provide regular communications to growers and other stakeholders.

The plan guides key priorities, executive board expenditure and other resource priority decisions.   The full 2020 strategy document can be downloaded from the Members Information section. 

The founding 2015-2020 strategic plan is also available in the Members section.