Distribution & Exports


Most growers pack their own fruit.   Larger growers having strong links to wholesale, retail and export markets and are accredited by supermarket and industry food safety scheme, New Zealand Good Agriculture Practice (NZ GAP).

New Zealand GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) is an assurance scheme for the New Zealand horticulture industry. It gives confidence to consumers in the safe and sustainable production of NZ fruit and vegetables.  The programme establishes systems and standards inside the farm gate, ensuring safe and sustainable production. GAP certification identifies the growers who have been audited and can prove they have met these standards.  Certified producers can demonstrate their commitment and ability to meet these expectations by using the NZ GAP logo, is a trusted quality mark for good agricultural practice in New Zealand.  For more information click HERE

Sales channels vary including farm gate sales/pick you own, farmers markets, supermarkets and retailers, and wholesale to food service and hospitality industries.   Supermarkets play a vital role in domestic sales and this relationship is very important to the industry. 

Supermarkets and major wholesalers have procedures to manage product recalls to implement contingencies on all fresh produce items. This commences well beyond the retail shelf to ensure everything is as safe as it practically can be. Internal protocols around rules/agreements apply contractually, working back from retail shelf to farm gate (and beyond).

Within stores, country of labelling will become a future requirement, though the majority of supermarkets already clearly label produce origin as they recognise this information is important to customers.

Strawberries are first new season fruit to hit shop shelves and at key times can outsell bananas to be the biggest selling fruit retail line in New Zealand.



A market access application has been made for Vietnam. The current main export markets are Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong